Posted by Pete

This meeting included the entire consortium for four days of presenting, brainstorming and planning. After our PI meeting and Fish and Chips on day one we led with PhD presentations from Tom, Emma and Danny on topics as diverse as Ethnography of Archaeological Practice, Virtual Book Shelves and Web 2.0 and Academia. The afternoon led with a series of PechaKucha presentations (20 slides each 20 seconds) as we set the tone for the meeting and presented some of the concepts which emerged from the Hackfest in Bristol and the Ideas meeting Southampton. These presentations led to a creatively heated debate which tested the academic borders of the project and focused us on the project's core mission. Day three was more sedate as we focused on planning the project timetable for the next year and structuring the work packages. We devised a grouping strategy which divided the project into Framework Concepts, Interaction Design and Technical Systems and set about devising a plan for the first two deployments. It was agreed that the first deployments would take place in a records office (focusing on genealogy research) and a lab within the archaeology department in Southampton. Day four was given over to admin – planning dates and times for our next meetings and agreeing deliverables before returning home.